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The UMASS Collection

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Upton Bell is an author, former National Football League executive, talk show host and commentator. Throughout his distinguished career as a broadcaster, Mr. Bell has interviewed many intriguing authors. He has accumulated a fascinating collection of books which have been personally inscribed. These books have been generously donated to the UMass Lowell Libraries and are available in O'Leary Library on the 2nd Floor in Special Collections.The Bell collection also includes both audio and video recorded materials from his interviews as well as many artifacts and collectible memorabilia Mr. Bell has acquired.

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Upton interviewed about his father &
first NFL commissioner, Bert Bell

Jackson Michael Podcasts

Upton talks about the Damar Hamlin injury 

00:00 / 39:16

Upton Talks NFL War Heroes

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Upton talks Thanksgiving Day Football Games

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Upton Talks Colts Draft Stories

1/19/24 - Talking NFL Playoffs

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